About Us


I started making soap in the comfort of my kitchen as a hobby. I've always been passionate about the aromatherapy qualities that can be captured in homemade soaps. It's incredible how something so simple can give you the lift you need to start your day or be the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day of work. 

Our soaps are handmade with your skin in mind. Choosing sustainable all natural plant based oils for our soaps so you can feel good inside and out! We use the purest fragrance oils and essential oils to guarantee a delightful smelling soap. To add a pop of color in some of our soaps we use only natural forms of color (cocoa powder, pumpkin puree, coffee grounds, micas, etc). 


Your skin is natural, when you use products everyday that are full of chemicals, your skin will start to react negatively (usually in the form of dry skin). To take care of your natural skin, you must put products with natural ingredients on it daily. Our soap's natural ingredients offer you skin the daily care it deserves. You'll see a transformation in your skin as it absorbes the oils it will acclimate and begin healing causing your skin to become softer and healthier.