This set has it all for those who want a kick-start for wet shaving or to give as a unique and original gift!


Includes a cruelty free shave brush (24 mm) made of synthetic badger attached to our hand turned wooden handles! These brushes are made from Repurposed Wood all found here in Washington State and range from Maple and Elm to even more exotic woods like walnut and Plum! Matching with these beautiful brushes you also get a handturned wooden bowl to load your brush and work a luscious lather in as well as a brush/razor stand which holds it all together as the perfect place to dry your brush. You will also get your choice of one of our creamy super lather shaving soaps AND a creamy, soothing aloe aftershave lotion!


This set is a wonderful place to start for those interested in wet shaving and taking care of their skin. Scrap the aerosol crap and start wet shaving and see the difference yourself! Share the gift of wet shaving to those you care about with this unique and original shaving set!

Shaving Set (Brush, Bowl, Brush Stand, Soap)

SKU: ShaveSet
Soap Scent #1
Aftershave Lotion Scent
  • Set comes with: Synthetic Badger hair shaving brush, Stainless Steel Shave Bowl, Brush stand that holds brush, bowl, and razor (razor not included), and a choice of one shave soap!


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